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As well as the hugely successful parent company, hitched.co.uk, we are the fastest growing
wedding planning website in the following countries:

Ireland - hitched.ie
South Africa - hitched.co.za
Australia - hitched.com.au
Canada - hitched.ca
India - hitched.co.in

We have also recently launched The Mumdrum — A brand new site for Mums and Mums-to-be.

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Alongside our wedding planning websites, hitched W.I.F.E (Wedding Industry Facts and Economics) is a fantastic resource for people in the wedding industry, exploring the socio-economic, geographical, financial and emotional issues relating to weddings. We conduct independent and authoritative research, carried out for the benefit of brides, grooms, other wedding guests and the wedding industry in general.

You can find more information at: www.hitched-wife.org

hitched websites

A brand new branch to the hitched family, The Mumdrum is a social network dedicated to Mums and Mums-to-be, Launched in 2012, it offers a safe and secure online community in which those trying to conceive, expectant mums, and those with children, can share their experiences of motherhood. In addition to discussion forums, The Mumdrum offers some exciting new tools, including child Memory Books, which allow members to capture their child’s story in a private online diary, then share securely with family and friends.

You can find The Mumdrum at: www.mumdrum.com

hitchedtickers was created as an opportunity for wedding planning couples to count down the days until their celebration. hitchedtickers then branched out with tickers counting down to the birth of a baby, Christmas, birthdays, a holiday, a honeymoon and anything else exciting in life. hitchedtickers encourages people to add a ticker countdown to their online profiles so that the people they communicate with can be aware of what it is they’re looking forward to.

You can find more information at: www.hitchedtickers.com